Life On The Rocks

have you ever stepped on a pebble? Times that by ten and you’ll know exactly what it’s like to climb something significantly smaller than a boulder. Recharge

For those of you who are unfamiliar with boulders, they were an invention of this fellow named god and were an immediate success like his other inventions, carpenters and homophobia to name but a few

This one was taken by Steve!
This one was taken by Steve!

We Are Full Of PonderWhere there are big rocks, there are people desperate to climb them. People who strive to unravel some of natures simpler mysteries, like that flawless and sexy route through a rock, or why pigs taste so good. This kind of climbing is known as bouldering, and bouldering, unlike god, is seeing an incredible increase in popularity.Spot Me TenderPopularity and openness come hand in hand. The world of climbing and bouldering is becoming tantalizingly more mainstream, with amazing people like Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson thrusting there unbelievable endeavors into the news world wide. No jokes needed there, but i did use the word thrusting so you might want to call a doctor to come stitch your sides back together.If Your Happy And You Know It Climb A Rock

It is this openness that has allowed someone like me the opportunities to dive into the world of bouldering. You don’t have to be in peak physical condition, you don’t have to be an expert climber, you don’t need all the limbs you were born with (you can even climb with thumbs that look suspiciously like a big toe… so i read). What you do need is determination and to have not spent the previous day doing so much crunches with Steve that you’re now on the verge of shitting your pants and regretting the fact you wore those new pants you just brought from H&M. Cheer Up It Might Never Happen

It was these specific yet common set of conditions that led to a day of cold, crisp sunshine, great friends, great climbing, and a great adventure. One of many and many more to come.

Happy Adventuring.


Give Your Shoes A Break

It's Only Trying Until You Win


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