This is Volaticus

Hello world, nice to meet you. This is Volaticus.

My name is not important. It’s what I do that defines me. And I don’t do a lot.

And that brings me nicely to the point of this blog. If we’re completely honest with each other, I’ve not really decided on a point to this yet. At the moment I’m hoping to use this blog as an excuse to take some pictures and then talk about it. So it’s kind of like a wedding, only I wont spend 50 years regretting this blog.

My interests at the moment are centred around outdoor adventure. I climb a bit, surf a little bit less, and climb mountains even less than that, and I’m pretty much shit at all of it. So you can expect some pictures of me and my friends doing that kind of stuff (and other stuff, don’t put all your eggs in one omelette, save some to make a cake. an omelette cake.), and then some nonsensical bullshit write up that will drift in and out of relevance.

As well as that, I’m looking at getting some of my friends/home slices to write up some articles about adventures they’ve been on, so watch this space! (unless it’s blank. if it’s blank check back later and stop looking at a blank screen.)

Until we meet again,



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