High Fiving Plums

Today I tried doing something I had never done before. I tried showing up to work on time. After failing miserably at that, I gave slacklining a go, and it was pretty fun.slackline steveFor those of you who haven’t heard of slacklining, it was an invention of this fellow named Cher in the late eighties. It started as a power ballad used to describe Cher’s desire to win back a lover.

If I could just slackline
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you
And you’d stay ,

Some people like to make the joke that modern-day slacklining was actually the creation of Adam Grosowsky and Jeff Ellington in the late seventies. I can almost guarantee that people who say this like giving people the credit they deserve/can’t take a joke/don’t like Cher.feet

30 years on and slacklining has evolved into the most fun you can have with ropes without getting a subpoena from the publishers of 50 shades of grey. Unfortunately, as I learned, it also hurts your testicles as much as some other activities from fifty shades of grey.

I should mention at this point that I haven’t actually read fifty shades of grey, so of all these assumptions are based on bullshit and wishful thinking.sams the man

Like most thing’s I do in life, Slacklining is something I have never done, but I was willing to try it because my friends said it was cool. Remember kids, great things come out of giving into peer pressure. If all of your friends jump off a cliff you should jump too. who want’s to be stood on top of a cliff on their own. no one.concentrate

When you first attempt slacklining, you not only feel like a complete idiot, you look like one too. The sensations you feel when you first try slacklining are really quite unpleasant. If you’re anything like me, even the ability to stand on the line for a few seconds will take hours of practice. This practice mostly consists of having one leg on the line, trying to jump up off of the leg that’s still on the floor and rapidly being thrown sideways off the line, or the entire line slipping out from under your foot and high-fiving you in the plums.plum shotThe thing about slacklining, is that you can get a whole lot better the more you practice. The fact I could balance for a few seconds by the end of this day was somewhat of an achievement. It just requires patience and dedication. You certainly won’t see any slackliners sitting around on their arses.sit down and relax All joking aside, Steve and Sam are really quite good at this slacklining business, so a good chunk of the afternoon was spent running around taking pictures of them being good.slacklinelong walk out After seeing what could be achieved if you persisted long enough, I decided not to give up, I got back up and kept trying. Ten minutes and the ability to stay on the line for a few seconds was enough for me to call my efforts a success. tight rope tonyMy first real try at slacklining has definitely got me hooked. I can’t wait to get back out and get better, and I especially can’t wait to give highlining a go when I get good enough, So watch this space! Because there will be a blog about my funeral when I die in a tragic highlining accident.

Happy Adventuring.



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