On A Roll: 2

A creative title we have up there. A while ago I posted a blog about the first roll of film that had gone through my newly acquired SLR. The photos weren’t great, but as any parent with a sub par child will tell you, when you’ve made something yourself, you’re proud of it no matter how shit it is.

The first roll of camera was pretty much spent up in a day at the local beach. If I’m honest, I rushed through it just so I could see the results quicker. Like a kid in a candy shop with type 2 diabetes, excitement had gotten the best of me.

Not long after that fateful day I put another roll of film in that camera, only this time I didn’t rush through it in a day. Because of this I’ve found that one roll of film and a serious of pictures have covered quite a long time. All the time I’ve being taking pictures on my DSLR and writing a dodgy blog about them, I’ve been occasionally snapping away on film. So now I’m finding this group of photos. Some are new pictures from adventures I’ve already talked about. Some are photos of days out that didn’t quite turn into a blog. So I thought I’d try making a blog about every roll of film I get through.

So I present ‘On A Roll’, a serious of blogs, each featuring a roll of film and all the moments they capture.

Americas Cup – late July 2015

These first five were taken during the Americas Cup in Portsmouth in late July 2015. We went there and were frankly a little underwhelmed. There had been a big hype about this event, but the organizers seemed to have misunderstood our little city quite a bit. Louis Vuitton adverts for products we don’t want? Paying 40 quid to sit in a stand and watch what we could watch for free just down the road? Ten pound pints? No, not quite. If you want to win our city over all you need is a big messy festival on the beech. CNV00001 CNV00002 CNV00003 CNV00004As you can see, the prospect of returning next year gave us emotions we just couldn’t control.

Having queued to get in and out of a part of our city that was usually ours to roam around on, we wondered around parts of our town that hadn’t been taken over.CNV00005

Wales – August 2015

This was a pretty cool trip. There’s already been a fairly hefty blog on this little adventure. It featured some pretty cool night shots and mountain views, and here are the ones that the trusty SLR was getting along the way.CNV00006 CNV00007 CNV00008 CNV00009 CNV00010 CNV00011 CNV00012 CNV00013I think I actually love that one up there. I didn’t know I was capable of love.
CNV00014 CNV00015 That was an orange peel that looked like a flying elephant with balls on his chin. A close second for roll favorite.CNV00016 CNV00017 CNV00018 CNV00019 CNV00020

Summer – September 2015

Of course, you don’t always need to go on an adventure to take some cool pictures. These last few were a chance to see how my new lens worked on an old camera. It had made for some pretty sweet portraits on a DSLR, and we just had to see how it looked on film.CNV00021 CNV00022CNV00023Turns out it doesn’t work too well if you take pictures of Steve sat right next to you in the kitchen.

So that’s another roll. Some pictures are a bit crud. one or two of them I actually find pretty sweet. That kind of sweet where you’re like ‘yes wife, that’s a really nice birthday cake you made for little Timmy, no I don’t think it’s too sweet’ then get the defibrillator ready because little Timmy will die the second that cake touches his mouth. I’ve forgotten how I feel about the good photos.

Until the next roll.



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