On a Roll 3; Adventures at Gilkicker

Hello there. You may remember the ‘On A Roll’ blog that rapidly aspired to being its own little series. Well here’s the third installment, and like any good blog, it’s a bit of a disaster.

So far these blogs have been about photos and the adventures they have witnessed that have come from a film camera. A Nikon F50 purchased a while ago to be specific. The first blog to come of this mostly contained photos from a small wonder around Southsea while I dug around for the balls to actually use a film camera . I got some cool photos, and a somewhat readable blog out of it, but things got interesting when it came to the second film.

I realized that film cameras got saved for only the most special pictures, and while I’m getting used to it, only photos I was confident would look good. This meant that pictures on a roll of film would be of many different adventures and escapades, some with a different view of something I had already blogged about, some pictures of mini adventures that never reached blog status.

So the second roll of film became the second in what I hoped to turn into a series of blogs that transcended any one moment.

That was until number three.

Turns out that if the battery in my friendly neighborhood Nikon F50 goes flat, the camera stops working. It also turns out that when you replace the battery the entire roll of film retreats back into its shell like a frightened turtle.

Now let’s hypothetically say you’d only taken five pictures, you’d then loose the chance to take any more on that roll.

So this blog isn’t about lots of adventures, It’s about one. A little exploration around an abandoned building by the name of Gilkicker.


It was some time around October 2015, And because It’s been a while since these photos were taken I’ve completely forgotten most of what happened. A prime example being I remember clearly that we went at night when it was dark, but all of these pictures look as though they were taken in what I can only describe as daytime.


I think this has something to do with the interesting way my brain works, so when I recount this little adventure, I’ll just kinda mix in most of the details with lots of other things I did. It’s like if you were to ask me about my dinner last night, I’d recount the details of the enchilada-spagetti-stew-poptart-bean meal that’s been thrown together by my brain from what I’ve eaten for the past week. An insight into my poor memory for some, clarity on the origins of my signature dish if I cook for you.

But I digress. Fort Gilkicker is a pretty cool place to wonder around. An abandoned 19th century Fort long forgotten by most of the world. You could spend hours photographing the amazing images created by years of engineering marvel and even more years of neglect. Or you could take five pictures before your battery dies.


The interesting thing about Gilkicker is that someone once tried to turn it into some kind of property development, so as well as the originals of the building your also left with abandoned scaffolding. There’s probably room to comment on some kind of poetic imagery about failed hopes and ambitions, but we’ll settle for a vaguely interesting picture.


From the roof you not only get a great birds eye view of the Fort, but clear views across the Solent. A brief reminder that at one time this building played an important role in protecting us from an invasion. But since then we’ve become friends with France and when we worked together we built Concorde. A reminder that peace can achieve things war can only dream of.


And unfortunately that’s it for roll number three. A little trip to a hidden gem. Hopefully I can go back and write a blog a little sooner so I actually remember any of it. But as an added bonus here are two of the frames that had literally something on them. no idea what.

Peace Out




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