Lets Do The Time Lapse Again

Something entirely magical happened recently. For a while now I’ve wanted to make time lapses. You’ve seen them before, when someone condenses minutes, hours, days into a short, beautiful video only a few seconds long.

I had done this before on a go pro. You push a few buttons, and so long as the conditions are right you too can squeeze time. I had done this Twice on a surf trip with Rhys. Once from the dashboard of a Peugeot, and again while it was attached to a surfboard left on a beach. both created something mesmerizing.

The drawbacks to the particular GoPro I had at the time were that it only really worked during the day, and in good lighting. My next ambition was to make time lapses at night. This could open up a world of opportunity. Including the opportunity I’m most excited about, to watch Earth spin under the stars.

So can you imagine the sensation in my pant when Steve brought me my very own intervalometer. See unlike a GoPro that already has a setting for time lapses, lower end cameras typically don’t. Which is where an intervalometer comes in. It allows you to automatically take pictures at regular intervals that you can then condense into a video. The best part is, you control all the manual settings of the camera. Suddenly night lapses are a reality.

And with that, It was to our favorite haunt. Southsea.

It turns out there are lots of great things to do time lapses of, but our first little test was an old castle lit up with LEDs that regularly changed colour. The colour change isn’t all that intriguing in real time, but speed ten minutes up into ten seconds and it all gets a little magical.


As we were doing this in winter it was immediatley decided that one test shot was more than enough for that night, so we headed home to have some tea.

A few days later we had warmed up enough to wonder out and get some more test shots. This time Steve and I dragged Sam along with us, where we sat outside a little pub overlooking the Spinnaker tower and departing ferries. Owing partly to the fact I hadn’t told anyone of my plans to drag them outside in the cold to take pictures, I was the only one that wrapped up warm. Owing partly to this, we rapidly packed up our gear and scurried inside previously mentioned pub for some hot chocolate. Yes apparently it is a thing for three men to walk into a pub to order hot chocolate.


While sat in said pub enjoying chocolate goo topped with squirty cream and marshmallows, we chatted about all the boats that were now coming in that we were missing the chance to video, and some of the other reasons our lives were super difficult. Deciding to tackle our difficulties head on, we finished our hot chocolates and headed back outside to catch the last ferry coming back in through the harbor.


The only problem was it was cold and after many minutes of waiting this ferry seemed to not actually exist. After a difficult half hour deciding between a second hot chocolate and heading home, we decided to head home. Before we gave up entirely, we stopped off on the beach round the corner. We saw what appeared to be a good time lapse opportunity. A brightly lit dredger in the dark of night.  Unfortunately after a few test shots it became clear that the brightly lit dredger wasn’t quite the photo opportunity we had thought.

That’s when we really called it a night and crawled back in the car to head home.

Which, naturally, is when we saw the ferry we had just stood around in the cold waiting for heading to exactly where we had just been waiting for it.

Utter Bollocks.


Oh yeah, I would have put the finished videos up, but I don’t have a computer powerful enough to produce videos.

Double Utter Bollocks.


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