It’s Blowing A Hooley!

Catch ups with old work friends often involve going to grab coffee and bitching about the industry. I’m sure all my old work friends will clarify that I do enjoy a good cup of coffee.

This time however me and my old work pal Verity decided to go and take pictures around Southsea. Only issue is we decided to go on a day the beach was sniffing the arse end of a storm. But more on that in a mo.


Me and Verity go back a short while. When I broke my wrist in what turned out to be a tragic end to my skateboarding career, Verity was the only reason I could carrying on working like I did. I couldn’t work alone with a gammy wrist as I couldn’t give demonstrations or catch kids flying off climbing walls. Although Verity didn’t have the qualifications to do everything on her own at the time, she knew exactly what to do, and could do it all as long as I was in the room with her. So for a while we became a pretty epic, three handed team. High five! Because I couldn’t high ten.

So that’s the back story and here we are.  I’ve recently moved on to pastries new, so needed a good catch up after not seeing Verity for the best part of a month.

We headed to Southsea on a day that seemed as calm and warm as a hug from Mother Teresa. But like getting a hug from Mother Teresa, it was a matter of time ’til it turned to a body slam.

We eagerly ran up to the sea wall to start our photographic adventures and were immediately engulfed by a wave. It was that type of big wave you get watching log flumes at a theme park. Unlike a theme park there were no annoying teenager and everyone went home with their legs.


We may have been a tad moist, but that didn’t stop us complaining about how wet we were. We carried on snapping away regardless. Verity proved a success on the DSLR, and I tried to take the remaining shots on my old film Olympus. Which I did and you’ll probably  see the blog to that shortly.


We strolled down the beach snapping away, occasionally getting engulfed by large waves, until we reached the pinnacle of a day at a British sea side. The fish and chip shop!


After a hard mornings work taking like three photos and getting a bit soggy, we naturally deserved us some lunch. Lunch being battered sausage and twice as many chips as we wanted because I somehow brought too many.


With our bellies loaded and my film camera full, we thought it would be a good idea to head off to Boots to get it developed. We put the film in and wondered around town to fill the hour needed to process photos. When we returned to collect them, we were greeted with the fact that Boots had accidentally printed all the photos the next size up from what I wanted. Apparently this is a bad thing as they had immediately printed off the smaller size I paid for and said I could have both sets anyway.


Moral of that story is get your photos developed at Boots!

Strong and wet wind not only ruins your pants, but it makes for quite a tiring walk. so after an arduous stroll on the beach we headed home to have some cheese toasties and a mug of tea, and rummage through the freshly developed photos.


All in all it was a pretty nice day. I got to take photos, have some amount of adventure, and catch up with old friends. It couldn’t have gone much better.

‘Til I dry out,




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