Droning On.

Recently I decided I just had too much money. A quick remedy for this would be some sizeable donations to charity. But seriously, I brought a drone.

The past few months have been a somewhat emotionally demanding transition in jobs. While I loved both the job I left and the job I’ve gone into, the whole period where you change over can just throw you out a tad. March 25th marked the official end of my old job by way of my final pay check. It seemed fitting that I spend this on a leaving present for myself. Hence drone.

I had seen the awesome shots you could get with a relatively cheap piece of equipment, and had spent many days and nights watching Steve play with his equipment. Mostly in the park. With that in mind and Rhys sat next to me to egg me on, I took the plunge and brought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

I name drop so you can check out the footage they get on youtube.

The day it arrived I was simply too impatient to learn how to use it. Not long after me and Ty took it for a short flight in my bedroom, we took it to Southsea beach and a point of interest that would be fairly quite at that time of night. I’d make a joke about Ty playing with my equipment in my bedroom, but I did that with Steve in the park.

We got to Southsea and rapidly made our way onto the common, specifically the Cenotaph.  Anyone from Portsmouth will quickly recognise the Cenotaph as it dominates Southsea seafront. As it was about the only major landmark in Portsmouth it seemed a fitting landmark to test the drone out on.

It was well lit up, and at this time of night there wasn’t anyone else around. This drastically reduced the chances of me flying a drone into someones face. I wanted to avoid this as I have heard people are somewhat fond of their faces. Humans and their silly obsessions.


Flying the drone around the Cenotaph actually went rather well. With is disappointing because successes make for very boring blogs.

Having succeeded at flying drones in large empty areas Ty and I decided to go join our friend Charlie just down the beach. He was partaking in a little night fishing. I think he was doing alright because I saw him catch two starfish.

It was around this time we discovered an interesting feature of the drone. It turns out that all four blades can fly off at the same time and disappear down the beach. It also turns out that Charlie is some kind of ninja who can catch a falling drone right before it lands in a fire.

A good amount of test flying this night and the next day landed me with a decent amount of test footage to make a little edit out of. An edit you can see right here.

Making some terrible music and editing clips together was actually pretty fun, so keep an eye out for more videos as I get around to make them!

Keep those onion eyes peeled,



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