A Hidden Gem

Taking photos has been a little hobby me and my friends have shared for a while now. Our specialty is sending each other toilet selfies, but that’s our special secret photos. One of our favourite things to photograph that we can share with the world are extraordinary places you don’t usually see, but are hiding right under your nose.


Some of the places we have found in our own city include lit up bridges, historic buildings, and even an abandoned cinema. Abandoned cinema has to be the winner so far. It reminded us of our childhood, gave some amazing photos, and had even become a suitable place to do some heroin. An all round box ticker.

The problem with trying to photograph hidden places in an extremely densely populated city, is that nothing stays secret for long. Most of the interesting places in the city are all well know, and finding something new has proved tricky.

Until now!

On a recent wonder to Southsea, I came across a familiar sight. The roofless church, Domus Dei, or Royal Garrison Church depending what name you choose, is a prominent feature in Southsea. It’s lack of roof, lost to German bombers in 1941 and never replaced to remind everyone of europe’s recent past, make it look like a ruin. Unbeknownst to me until I stumbled across an open day, this building is all but a ruin.


You can never usually go inside, the closest you get is the wrong side of a fence that widely surrounds the church. Because of this, it’s hard to tell that there’s even any space inside that could house anything more than a view to the heavens.

So when I saw a sign inviting people in, I wasn’t expecting any big surprises. But I ended up amazingly surprised.


Everything you’d expect in a church, including suspicious amounts of gold for an organisation that tells everyone to help people and not be greedy.

On a less cynical note… Organ!


As a little reminder, the pews nearest the hollow end show a little of their history.


I suppose the lesson here is you don’t always have to try so hard. My friends and I have been desperately trying to find a new and interesting place for a while, all to no avail. I happened to stumble across one walking past a place I had been many times before.

Until I stumble fortunately again,



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