A New Place In A Familiar Place

Photography as a hobby has many advantages. It’s a hobby that just about anyone can do. Do you remember getting one of those throw away cameras as a kid? You could fill it up with 24 memories while away on a school trip or a holiday and never know what was inside that mysterious little box. That was my first experience with photography, and i’m fortunate enough to have wound up with my hands on a DSLR that I can go out and explore with.

And that’s one of the best advantages of photography as a hobby. There aren’t many hobbies that force you out into the unknown. Sure if you’re climbing some rocks or paddling in the sea you may occasionally want to find somewhere new, but photography takes that urge for change and does something different with it.

While most adventures take you to places you’ve never been, photography makes you find the places you’ve never been in the places you’ve always been. It turns you’re own city into the hunting ground. Differing from a climbing, surfing or hiking trip where almost everything you see will be completely new, a walk to the local beach where you’ve taken pictures so many times before will make you wonder how you can make that same scene different. How can you make this same scene look like a place you’ve never been.

It’s this drive to find a new place in a familiar place that produces some interesting pictures. You can find it by finding a different perspective. You can find it when you find a slightly different angle. You can find it when you find yourself getting a little lost.

You’ll feel success when that popular landmark looks just a little different than it did yesterday.

Keep snapping.



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