EU Got To Be Joking

Why the fuck does a newspaper have an opinion. I’ll start on the part of this discussion that pisses me off the most. The Sun newspaper recently put out an issue with the imperative ‘BeLEAVE in Britain’. I can’t quite figure out when news changed from informing people, to just telling them what to do. Where’s an incorrect news statistic when you need one?

The last time I did a political blog, it didn’t seem too disastrous. So here I am again, this time throwing my hat in the EU referendum ring.

I’ll try to be as neutral as I can, but I am in favour of staying, so you might see a bit of bias.

The last time I made a blog about a big vote I did it out of frustration from all the bullshit I was hearing. This time around though, I’m doing it out of frustration from all the bullshit I’m hearing.

The level of Lies, Hate, And Broken Promises in the EU referendum are to the general election what cinema popcorn prices are to supermarket popcorn prices. Un-be-fucking-leaveable. Was that last made up word a subtle hint to vote stay? I’ll try harder to hide the bias. Anyhow.

We’ve been promised world war 3, we’ve been promised the collapse of western civilizations, and we’ve been promised that the decisions to implement these treats are handed to anyone who can successfully operate a pencil. Pull my other bollock, the left one’s getting tired.

Before we go any further, let’s just acknowledge that no matter how you’re voting, it isn’t going to be the end of the world. As much as we’re promised doom and gloom no matter what we do, there are actually some very good arguments from both sides. And what no one is saying in the midst of all this nonsense is that the reason the decision is so hard, is because both sides have an equal number of benefits and disadvantages.

Where to begin?

‘The EU is an unelected dictatorship’. Yes, my favorite argument from British people who are still in favour of having a monarchy is that no one in Europe is elected. Actually although Europe may not be a completely democracy, many of the decisions are made by 751 elected Members of European Parliment, 73 of those being from the UK. And a majority of those are from the Unitied Kingdom Independence Party. Go google ‘UKIP MEP expenses’ or ‘UKIP MEP voting records’ and you’ll quickly find that the people capable of making change in Europe aren’t really trying that hard. What I really don’t understand is why any UKIP members even want to be MEP’s. Why be a part of an organisation that your party wants to leave. It’s literally in their name. What’s more confusing than that is why they got on the EU gravy train and are now trying to stop it. You’re stopping your own gravy train!

‘If we leave the EU it will be the end of human rights’. Because no human rights advances were made before we joined the EU in 1973? Hey remainers, you want all our children back in workhouses?

‘if we leave the EU then… world war 3’. No.

‘If Donald Trump get’s the nuclear codes then… world war 3’. Probably. But slightly irrelevant right now.

‘If we stay we’re giving the EU 350 million are week that we could give to the NHS’. Yeah, but tories aren’t going to have an extra 350 million a week a give it to the NHS, are they? All of these points are really easy to shoot down.

‘if we leave UK business will be better off, which will be better off for workers’. Now this one is interesting. I believe the argument is to do with UK companies not having to abide by strict EU rules, and possibly being able to trade with countries other than the EU easier. It’s a pretty good argument. James Dyson recently came out in favour of leaving for these reasons. But when you’re worth 3 billion how much freedom from the EU do you really need to make business better or make your workers lives better. If we leave, big companies and big people will probably just get bigger and better and do the same for everyone below them as they have up until now.

It seems most of the points from both sides are slightly pointless. Completely open to spin, it just depends who got there first.

Truth is, Europe is heading towards becoming a single country. It doesn’t make sense for it not to. I think that’s what Britain has a real issue with. While other countries in Europe have been able to come together and focus less on being better than everyone else, Britain has this urge to go it alone. When Europe evolves into a country it will be a full democracy. Winston Churchill believed Europe should become a ‘United States of Europe’, but also believed Britain shouldn’t be in the hypothetical USE. So in our recent history we’ve supported this idea of a united Europe, but we’ve always had our doubts about how close to it we should be.

It’s all a matter of opinion, no matter what way you’re voting. It’s a debate that has spanned parties, spanned classes, and spanned time.

I’m voting in because I like the idea of Europe becoming one country. Strong enough to make Scientific leaps never seen before. Strong enough to set ourselves tough challenges. Strong enough to influence the world. But i’m aware some will be voting out for the same reasons I vote in.

If you believe in a side, make sure you go make your vote count and your voice heard.

See you on the other side,



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