Kayak’s and Bass

About three years ago, I optimistically brought a kayak. In that time I went kayaking precisely once. This was mostly because I was too scared of going out on my own incase I got myself killed. Or worse, expelled.

Now although I have quite a few outdoorsey friends, they mostly like climbing rocks. In fact they mostly climb rocks. Now that’s great, It’s meant I’ve followed them on some great adventures, and it’s made some impressive videos. But it’s nice to mix it up a bit.

So when my good pal Charlie went and purchased a fishing kayak and mentioned a day out on the water, I just about spaffed my pants right through the roof.

Once I called the builders in to fix the roof, I went about wondering how to get two fairly large Kayaks on to one fairly small Rover. Turns out you can’t. And that’s the story of how Charlie’s Dad ended up driving him and his Kayak around.

We first tried out this whole kayaking business on Friday afternoon. It proved an excellent way to start relaxing at the end of the week, and since it was so sunny and warm, we could hop in our kayaks in nothing more than shorts and T-shirts. In true British summer time style, the warm sunny weather rapidly turned to choppy water, sea spray to the face, and freezing cold wind.

Broken pride and shrivelled members aside, our first little adventure on the open water was amazing. So much so we decided to do it the next day, Only this time, Charlie would put his fishing kayak to it’s proper use.

The next day after a reasonable Saturday lie in, we made our way to Langstone Harbour. The weather was much nicer this time nicer. Blue skys and clear water… yes, clear water in Portsmouth! Despite the good weather, we still learnt from our mistakes and threw on some wetsuits.

Luckily this day the weather stayed nice. So for a good few hours we chilled out on the water, Charlie did some fishing, and even managed to catch himself some dinner in the former of a meaty Bass.

A little video of Saturday is available right here.

When your spending your weeks hard at work, Take any chance you can to chill out and unwind.

’til next time,



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