On A Roll 4; Olympus

Quite some time ago now I purchased myself an Olympus OM10 film camera. I had previously purchased a film camera in the form of a trusty Nikon F50. This was a pretty great piece of kit as it let me use all of my Nikon D3100 lenses, but gave me all the joys of film.

Unfortunately, the experience proved a little to close to the D3100, so in an effort to have an even rawer experience, I found my way to the OM10.

Now I need to be honest and admit that I pretty much left it on auto shutter for fear of completely ruining a whole roll of film. But that just means I get to spend more time learning… right?

Overall I’m pretty happy with some of the shots. Some of them not as much, but I’m looking forward to putting another roll through, turning down any help the camera has to offer, and seeing what I can get.

Until then, here’s the memories and adventures implanted on the first roll through the OM10!

Steve’s House;

Now you may have heard about Steve and his hilarious ankle. Now I can’t quite remember when I brought this camera, but it must have been some time before he broke his ankle. Apparently I only got around to using it after this ankle breaking shenanigan. As a result, quite a few of the photos from this film are around Steve’s humble abode. In the interest of simplicity, I’ve put them all into this section.

For no other reason than Steve had one lying around, some of the first few photos where taken with a flash gun.

I love the different colours and varying success rates of focus. It obviously means you’ve not taken the picture well, but it look like proper film pictures. Imperfect, but everything you want it to be.


Southsea With Steve;

One of our many locations for adventures is the local beach, Southsea seafront. A little outing with Steve offered the first chance to try out the OM10 outdoors. The result was a few nice shots!


Route Setting;

Route setting used to be quite the hobby for me and my old colleagues. Unfortunately I’m not able to join in that little hobby anymore, but the fact that I spent this one laughing at Steve hopping on one leg and taking pictures probably means the world hasn’t lost much.



Racton Ruins With Sam;

On a few occasions we’ve been to Racton Ruins. An old, weathered tower in the middle of sprawling country fields always provides a good location for a photo trek. and this day was no different.

Sam and I wanted to go and take some pictures, and it was the perfect opportunity to add some pictures to the Olympus roll.

Like some of the other pictures from this roll, these came out a little blurry. I’m not too sure why, but I’m sure as time goes on I’ll figure it out!


Southsea With Verity;

A Popular Haunt of ours. This time I went out for a little adventure with good friend and knight in shining armour, Verity. We went down to Southsea during the tail end of a fairly rough storm, This gave us the chance to capture the fierce waves breaking the sea walls, but also eat some fish and chips. Verity was a dab hand with a camera, too!


So there’s another roll, and another look back at some good times.

Until the next roll,



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